Give a other PPC a Try?

After I had trouble with Kanoodle, I thought I should give one other small PPC (Pay Per Click) a try. The PPC is called Mamma and their one of the smaller ones. They don't get half the traffic that Google or Overture get, but all I care about is getting new customers. Anyway I tried it out and the results were better than Kanoodle, but not to much better though.

After sending me over 5,000 hits, none of the traffic converted to paying customers. Infact the visitors only seemed to stay for about 5 sec. The quality of traffic they sent me was terrble and I expect it was automated robots clicking my ads because not single person that clicked my ads stay at my site very long and none of them visit more than the first page that they were sent to after clicking my ad.

I will Never Eat at a Mexican Restaurant!

Me and my friends decided to eat at a local Mexican restaurant and the food was terrible. The food was cold, so I asked them for a new meal and the new meal was even worse. This time it was not cold, but taste bad, so I thought it was just me, so I asked my Girlfriend to taste it and she said the same thing. So I asked them could I have my money back and they said no. So I asked for the manager.

The manager comes over and asked what's the problem. I say the first meal was cold and the next one tasted bad and I would like my money back. He said sir we can't do that, but what we can do is give you a free meal next time you come to our restaurant. And I say look I hate your food and don't want to come back and just want my money back. To make a long story short, I got my money back and will never eat at a Mexican restaurant. By the way I have nothing agasit Mexican people, so don't get mad!