Give it A Try

I decided to try Kanoodle Pay Per Click search and the results sucked. After advertising on Kanoodle for several months, my statistics weren't matching up to their clicks, and still waiting for them to fix it, but no reply. I have had no conversions, despite well over 10,000 hits sent from them and visitor were not staying for than 1 second on my web site site. So I started looking at some of the partners I was getting traffic from.

I found my ads showing up spamming web sites. These web sites offered no value to anyone. I have decided it's best to suspended my account and just keep using Google and Overture to advertise on.

I Hate Work!

Sorry, I haven't been posting here, I have been working a lot. I got to keep the food on the table. :) I have been working 12 hour days and haven't had a day off since the 15th of this month, but that's about to end because tomorrow I get off and I am sleeping all day for a change. It's funny they say people in the USA have the best life, but we never have fun over here.

Most of us work at least five days a week and never get to go anywhere because our bosses are jerks and won't let us off. But anyway... I will try to post here more often!