Yahoo! is Working Hard?

Yahoo launched an audio search, which is still being testing. Results don't look to bad right now, but still needs a little more work done on it, but you can't say much because they are still testing out the search results. Yahoo bought out Konfabulator software. Yahoo plans on giving Konfabulator software away for free. They were charging 20 dollars for the software.

Yahoo also is launching an ad network for small web publishers. This will allow their PPC (Pay Per Click) search engine to gain ground against Google's PPC search engine. There was a major update to the search results. It seems that they are using on-site factors more they were. Such as the title tag and header tag. Maybe even the Meta tags, but I haven't looked at that to hard.Mozilla is now a corporation.

The Mozilla Foundation runs the FireFox browser which is gaining popularity very fast, mostly tech people use it, but that's slowly changing. They created a corporate to support its money making activities. Most of the people who worked for the Mozilla Foundation will now become employees at the corporation. Mozilla claims that FireFox will remain free and open-source, however some wonder about that.