End of a Long Day

After the last project we had a new one. What a nice boss, huh? The day started off nicely though, most of my team was doing their job and I had no other work to do for change. So I decided to put some more work into the project, after about an hour I asked Kerry to give me her report that we needed for the project and guess what. She messed up on it. So after thinking I was going to have a nice day it turns out is was going to be a bad.

But all well, I left early today because I have an interview with a new company. They are offering me better pay and more time off. And best of all I will get to be closer to home. I also decided to go back to collage. Only thing is, it's not offline and it's collage on the internet because I can't take time off right now. I going to fishish my degree in PERL, so I can do more with my web sites.