We Won!

Well, I guess the the forecasters were wrong again, it was way to hot outside at the game, but I still played. We beat the girls 13 to nothing, they actually quit before the game was suppose to be over, but that was OK because it was hot as hell out there. My team beat Jakes team in the 9TH inning with a two run homer by Max. The final Score was 7 to 5.

Googlebot has been spidering my web site like hell and just won't stop. It has took over three GBs from my web site. I thought about emailing them and asking them to stop it, but they may mess up my ranking and my current rank brings me enough traffic to pay a few of my bills.


Thank God! We are going to have great weather, The forecasters say there will be no rain and that it won't be real hot, but not real cold. And it's what I needed because we will be having a baseball for our job. First game men Vs women and the next one is my department Vs Jake's department. I can't wait to crush the girls and Jake's team.

By the way, I am sorry for not posting for a while, but was out of state and trust me you don't want to hear about it, it was nothing fun.