I guess after all that hard work and overtime really paid off. My boss called me in to day and told be he was promoting me to head of our department. I won't just be head of three teams as I am now, but ten and each group has 15 people. I will be in charge of hiring new people in our department and deciding who works where. So it's going to be hard to get use to at first, but I can get thorough it. Also each month I will have to meet with the big bosses in our company.

The nice thing about it is I will get about three more dollars per hour and get more time off than I do now. I will get to go on free trips whenever our company has meetings out of state.

Got a New Dog

After visiting about 100 (At least it seemed like that!) dog salers, I finaly found the right dog for us. It's a Beagle and he's about three months old. We decided to name him Mikely, I came up with the name because I use to have a dog just like him that was named Mikely. He's perfect for me and my familybecause we already have one dog, which is a Beagle and Beagle are great with people.

So far he seems to get along with my dog Max and he loves my kids. He did cry a little the first few nights, but I can't blame him, he's with people that he don't know and he's never been away from his Mom.