First Meeting

I'm am leaving for California tomorrow, so I figured I better pack up my stuff tonight instead of rushing around like a retard tomorrow. I always seem to forget to pack something that I need, such as my Cellphone, boxers, etc. Anyway, I am going to California because I have to meet with some of our companies big bosses. We are trying to decide how to promote our new product that will come out in about two months.

I did get to see the hotel we will be staying at, it's nice. It's got a large pool and the rooms are large as well. I am surprise that our company decided to spend so much on the hotel because most of the time they don't put us in one's that are this nice.

I'm so bored...

Today I thought it would be great because I had the day off, but I had nothing to do today. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually wanted to go to work today. I decided to try to rent a game at Blockbuster, but of course they have nothing, just as it is all the time there. So I decided to try plan B and call a few friends to see if they wanted to do anything. They all said the same thing, "I am working today".

Which sucked, So I tried to find something fun on the internet and had no luck. Don;t get me wrong, this isn't why I am posting here.