Little brother back home...

My little brother came back home from serving in the Army in Iraq yesterday. We didn't know he was coming home, but he wanted to surprise us all, so he didn't tell us. I glad to see him, he's got big and looks like he's in good shape, he no longer the tiny brother I use to know. It was probably the best thing that's happen to him, although I wish he wouldn't had to see some of the things in war.

Before enlisting in the Army he was getting into some trouble and seemed like he was never going to learn from it. Since I was in the Army and really grew up because of it, I told him he should join and see if he could learn to stay out of trouble. But I never knew he would be sent to Iraq (He joined before 9/11/2001), so I always felt bad and thought if he died it would be caused by me telling him to join. In 2003 he was sent to Iraq and mostly he was in northern Iraq, but was all over the place.

Am I the only one upset with all this blog Spam? Recently I was searching for information on England (I will be going there in a few weeks.) and couldn't find anything useful, so I went down to page four of the search results and found nothing but blogs that were spamming the search engines. There were nothing but these blogs for at least the next six web pages of the search results. Why can't Google or Yahoo! with all that money for once get it right?

Google Cached Page and PageRank Down

Early today Google's cached page was down, anytime you went to look at a web site's cached it would not appear and showed a 500 server error . You will now be able to see the cached because it seems to have been fixed. This also happened a couple months ago. The Page Rank has also been down for a while, but still isn't up. So for any webmaster out there freaking out over this can now relax because your web site is not banned, it's because Google server is down. Perhaps Google is just playing with the webmasters or maybe not?

Working on Artificial Life Robot

Me and my friend, which he graduate in computer science, have been working with a few different artificial Life robots. Our goal is to make them act more like a human when talking and moving. I thought you may be interested in messing with it and see for your self how far they have come and how real they can be and not to forget, they may become part of all of our lifes on a daily basis some day. A little scary, don't you think?

This software that we have come to know as a robot, is the next generation intelligent interactive online robot. The Artificial Life Robot's job is to have natural conversations between a human and it. The idea of Mike, the robot, is to combine our research in natural language learning and generation with some knowledge acquiring abilities and produce a program, which talks like a human and moderately intelligent.

It will learn as it talks to you, just like a baby would learn by talking with humans. Only thing is, it picks up much faster then a baby and already has data programmed into the program. It has been trained in hundreds of conversations with humans and computers through the Internet. Ask it anything you like or just talk to it and see what it says, chances are it will surprise you with the way it talks to you, as if it was a human.

Check it out by clicking the link: Artificial Life Robot

BBC will allow web developers access to its content

The England based news company BBC will now allow web developers, webmasters and designers outside of the BBC company access to it's content so that they can add it to their own web site or program. The BBC has a large amount of articles, news, etc, which will be nice for any webmaster that has a type of web site that can use it.

Speaking of England, me, my girlfriend and friends are going to visit England for a week in June on the 17th. We are going to London, I heard it was a nice place to visit, so I guess that's where we will go. I really don't like the idea of leaving the United states, but my friend is from there and he said he would show us around. We have been planing on this for over two years, but never put a date on when to go. I like to go see the Tower of London and also visit a few American WW2 memorials, since my grandpa served in WW2 and pay respect.

I finally got a blue iPod mini and this thing is cool. I wasn't going to get it because it cost $199 and I could get a Xbox or PS2 for that price, not that I need one, I already have both of them. I checked out some of the music you can get with the iPod and was glad to see they have some of the latest music available on there, I thought they wouldn't have much though.

Fishished my Degree in PERL

I have fishished my degree in PERL and feels great! :) It didn't take so long because when I was going to collage before, I fishished most of what was needed to get my degree in PERL and I already knew most of PERL programming. It will help if I ever decide to work at a programming job place again, which is what I was doing before I left and started as a full time webmaster.

Google announced that they will lower the price for their recently acquired Urchin On Demand, a web analytics product, a few days ago, which is great because I am interested in buying it soon and some of the readers likely use it as well. The monthly subscription to Urchin on Demand has been reduced by 60% to 199 dollars per month. Google acquired Urchin around a month ago. It was expcted that Google would cut the price down because that's what they have done with past products and services to gain more market share.
Google Trade Marked a new ranking factor called Trust Rank, which may start to be used in the algorithm. If you like to read all about it please visit TrustRank Algorithm. It's some what like Google Page Rank, but isn't fully automated. Instead it will use human editors to decide which web site ranks the highest in the new factor. Google has decided to do because all the Spam that's starting to show up a lot in Google search results.

Quote from Stanford - Web spam pages use various techniques to achieve higher-than-deserved rankings in a search engine's results. While human experts can identify spam, it is too expensive to manually evaluate a large number of pages. Instead, we propose techniques to semi-automatically separate reputable, good pages from spam. We first select a small set of seed pages to be evaluated by an expert. Once we manually identify the reputable seed pages, we use the link structure of the web to discover other pages that are likely to be good.
Trust Rank does seem like a good factor that can be better controlled and it will be easier to eliminate web sites that use Spam methods.

I Quit My Job!

Well, I have quit my job and decided to go full time as a webmaster. Google Adsense is bringing enough money to get by each month, in fact, my web site matched the income I had made from my job a few months ago and now, I am making about 300 more dollars than that. I know Adsense is not a guaranteed income and it could drop at any day, but I saved some of the money that I made from it and would be OK if it drop for a few months. I also found a few another ways to bring in the money, so I don't have to relie on Google Adsense so much.

The nice thing about all of this, is that I won't have to work all the time and can have a life once again. I do feel a little bad about leaving my job because I didn't work for them for even two months and I am sure they won't reccomened me to any another company, so I hope I don't need a job any time soon. Because of not working anymore, I hope to have more time to post here at the blog and update it more often. Wish me luck! :)