MSN Plans on Launching a Classified Ad Website

The new service code name is Fremont, but it's final name is suppose to be TBA. It allows you to buy, sell or swap things with friends, family and the public. Microsoft also plans to index each item and add it to the search results of their search engine, MSN. If you ask me it's just another way for spammers to mess with their search results, but can their search engine get any worse than it is now? You can sign up now at, but you need a email address for verification though.

Firefox 1.5 was recently relaesed, Firefox claims that it has better security, improved pop-up blocking and faster browsing. It features all new automatic updates, so that you have the latest security and feature updates for Firefox. Firefox automatically downloads these updates in the background and when done downloading it prompts you, so that you can install the update. They also added "Live Bookmarks", which allows you to stay up to date with your favorite web sites.

Gmail now offers antivirus protection. Each time you send or receive attachments, Gmail automatically scans them for viruses. If a virus is found in an attachment you have received, Gmail will attempt to remove it or clean the file, so you can still access the attachment, but if it can't be cleaned or removed, you won't be able to download it. On the other hand, if you are trying to send a email with a attachment that has a virus you won't be able to send the message until you remove the attachment or virus.