End of a Long Day

After the last project we had a new one. What a nice boss, huh? The day started off nicely though, most of my team was doing their job and I had no other work to do for change. So I decided to put some more work into the project, after about an hour I asked Kerry to give me her report that we needed for the project and guess what. She messed up on it. So after thinking I was going to have a nice day it turns out is was going to be a bad.

But all well, I left early today because I have an interview with a new company. They are offering me better pay and more time off. And best of all I will get to be closer to home. I also decided to go back to collage. Only thing is, it's not offline and it's collage on the internet because I can't take time off right now. I going to fishish my degree in PERL, so I can do more with my web sites.

Stress and Work

So the day ended with work going bad. I am starting to feel the stress of the project that is due four days. My group that should be doing their part, are not and leaving me to pick it up and do it myself because if I don't it will be my butt and not theirs.


Met with Joey, decided we needed to workout at the local gym and I'm not too excited about it. I haven't workout in about five years, I use to workout every day, but with my job and school I couldn't do it anymore. We went swimming and hit the bench press. After Bench pressing I seemed to still have and lifted 280 pound 50 straight times. Not to bad, huh?

After working out for the pass few days I haven't felt this great for a long time. I decided I am going to start doing this once a week. For my friend Joey, he said he won't do it agian, but all well, it's his problem.

We Won!

Well, I guess the the forecasters were wrong again, it was way to hot outside at the game, but I still played. We beat the girls 13 to nothing, they actually quit before the game was suppose to be over, but that was OK because it was hot as hell out there. My team beat Jakes team in the 9TH inning with a two run homer by Max. The final Score was 7 to 5.

Googlebot has been spidering my web site like hell and just won't stop. It has took over three GBs from my web site. I thought about emailing them and asking them to stop it, but they may mess up my ranking and my current rank brings me enough traffic to pay a few of my bills.


Thank God! We are going to have great weather, The forecasters say there will be no rain and that it won't be real hot, but not real cold. And it's what I needed because we will be having a baseball for our job. First game men Vs women and the next one is my department Vs Jake's department. I can't wait to crush the girls and Jake's team.

By the way, I am sorry for not posting for a while, but was out of state and trust me you don't want to hear about it, it was nothing fun.

Give a other PPC a Try?

After I had trouble with Kanoodle, I thought I should give one other small PPC (Pay Per Click) a try. The PPC is called Mamma and their one of the smaller ones. They don't get half the traffic that Google or Overture get, but all I care about is getting new customers. Anyway I tried it out and the results were better than Kanoodle, but not to much better though.

After sending me over 5,000 hits, none of the traffic converted to paying customers. Infact the visitors only seemed to stay for about 5 sec. The quality of traffic they sent me was terrble and I expect it was automated robots clicking my ads because not single person that clicked my ads stay at my site very long and none of them visit more than the first page that they were sent to after clicking my ad.

I will Never Eat at a Mexican Restaurant!

Me and my friends decided to eat at a local Mexican restaurant and the food was terrible. The food was cold, so I asked them for a new meal and the new meal was even worse. This time it was not cold, but taste bad, so I thought it was just me, so I asked my Girlfriend to taste it and she said the same thing. So I asked them could I have my money back and they said no. So I asked for the manager.

The manager comes over and asked what's the problem. I say the first meal was cold and the next one tasted bad and I would like my money back. He said sir we can't do that, but what we can do is give you a free meal next time you come to our restaurant. And I say look I hate your food and don't want to come back and just want my money back. To make a long story short, I got my money back and will never eat at a Mexican restaurant. By the way I have nothing agasit Mexican people, so don't get mad!

First Meeting

I'm am leaving for California tomorrow, so I figured I better pack up my stuff tonight instead of rushing around like a retard tomorrow. I always seem to forget to pack something that I need, such as my Cellphone, boxers, etc. Anyway, I am going to California because I have to meet with some of our companies big bosses. We are trying to decide how to promote our new product that will come out in about two months.

I did get to see the hotel we will be staying at, it's nice. It's got a large pool and the rooms are large as well. I am surprise that our company decided to spend so much on the hotel because most of the time they don't put us in one's that are this nice.

I'm so bored...

Today I thought it would be great because I had the day off, but I had nothing to do today. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually wanted to go to work today. I decided to try to rent a game at Blockbuster, but of course they have nothing, just as it is all the time there. So I decided to try plan B and call a few friends to see if they wanted to do anything. They all said the same thing, "I am working today".

Which sucked, So I tried to find something fun on the internet and had no luck. Don;t get me wrong, this isn't why I am posting here.

Moving Servers

Tommorow I got to move my web site from one to a other server and because of the nature of the site how large it is and It needs to all switch at once, it's going to be a pain in my butt. First I got to make sure I back-up all my web pages, scripts and other files. And of course make sure everything is in working order or risk the site going down, which would hurt sales.

After that, I have to setup the IP address of the new server and have a temporarily redirect. And than I need to edit my DNS records and set the time to live to about 5 or 10 minutes.

I Am Still Here

Like I said before this is really new to me and I have no idea where I am taking this blog, but try to hang in here with me. :) As you can see, the blog has been inactive for a while, it's because I have writer's block. For all you people out there that don't know what that is it's where someone that writes articles news or in my case a blog can't think of a single thing to write about.

Also I have been working a lot. After taking the promotion at my job, I been having to get caught up with everything that I need to do at work, but I am getting there and I think I have been doing a very good (I hope!) job.


I guess after all that hard work and overtime really paid off. My boss called me in to day and told be he was promoting me to head of our department. I won't just be head of three teams as I am now, but ten and each group has 15 people. I will be in charge of hiring new people in our department and deciding who works where. So it's going to be hard to get use to at first, but I can get thorough it. Also each month I will have to meet with the big bosses in our company.

The nice thing about it is I will get about three more dollars per hour and get more time off than I do now. I will get to go on free trips whenever our company has meetings out of state.

Got a New Dog

After visiting about 100 (At least it seemed like that!) dog salers, I finaly found the right dog for us. It's a Beagle and he's about three months old. We decided to name him Mikely, I came up with the name because I use to have a dog just like him that was named Mikely. He's perfect for me and my familybecause we already have one dog, which is a Beagle and Beagle are great with people.

So far he seems to get along with my dog Max and he loves my kids. He did cry a little the first few nights, but I can't blame him, he's with people that he don't know and he's never been away from his Mom.

Content is King

Many webmasters think that by getting links to their site and on-page SEO is all they need to get to the top of the search engines, but they are wrong. Why? It takes Content to make a real great web site. I mean think about it, how many times do you revisit a site over and over that never updates or have has no content? Likely none or few.

So I have decided to create a web site with around 1000 articles and I am going to forget about the search engines for a while. Hopefully something will come out of it great.

BirthDay Boy

It's my birthday! I am turning big 23. Now I feel like I am getting old. I got to see my Mom and Dad, which was great because I have not seen them in six months. After that it was off with my friends and we went out and partied all night. And yes I got drunk and let me tell you that was great.

Give it A Try

I decided to try Kanoodle Pay Per Click search and the results sucked. After advertising on Kanoodle for several months, my statistics weren't matching up to their clicks, and still waiting for them to fix it, but no reply. I have had no conversions, despite well over 10,000 hits sent from them and visitor were not staying for than 1 second on my web site site. So I started looking at some of the partners I was getting traffic from.

I found my ads showing up spamming web sites. These web sites offered no value to anyone. I have decided it's best to suspended my account and just keep using Google and Overture to advertise on.

I Hate Work!

Sorry, I haven't been posting here, I have been working a lot. I got to keep the food on the table. :) I have been working 12 hour days and haven't had a day off since the 15th of this month, but that's about to end because tomorrow I get off and I am sleeping all day for a change. It's funny they say people in the USA have the best life, but we never have fun over here.

Most of us work at least five days a week and never get to go anywhere because our bosses are jerks and won't let us off. But anyway... I will try to post here more often!

Site No Where In Google

After the big Google update one of my web sites were hit and now is no where in the search results. My first site that was hit use to get around 5,000 hits a day from Google alone and now gets none at all. So, after looking for answers and reviewing my web site for about five days, guess what happen? My web site is back up there and now gets over 10,000 hits from Google a day. I thought for sure that the web site was gone in Google search results forever, but I guess not.

My first Post

Well I am new to the blogging world, so take it easy on me. Before I start you likely would like to get to know me little more. Right? My name is Steven, I have been creating web sites since 1999. It's more of a hobby, but it does make me money and get me by.