I love MR. Bush

Our great president stood up for our great country against those jerks in Germany, France and Russia by deciding to go to war with or without them. And I just don't understand why all these people hate him. After 9/11/01 everyone wanted him to do something about the terrorist and he does and guess what? People get mad over it and say we should have waited and that it was the wrong thing to do.

But think of this for a second. If we would have entered in WW2 before Japan attacked us, we would have never lost so many men, ships and aircraft over it. If we decided to wait after 9/11/01 we would have got attacked again and it would have sent the wrong message to the terrorist by not invading Iraq and Afghanistan.


GSmith said...

You seem to have a pretty limited grasp of the whys and wherefores of the Iraq war.

In case you've had your head under a rock for the past two years, four major US-commissioned studies have now concluded that the overwhelming reason we invaded Iraq (Saddam's supposedly huge stockpiles of WMDs) did not exist. We attacked a nation that posed no threat to us whatsoever.

Those studies have also concluded that one of the much lesser reasons we invaded was Iraq's supposed ties to terrorism (and al Qaeda in particular) was also false. No working or collaborative link has been shown between the two.

In other words, the two things that made up 90+% of the rationale for attacking Iraq have turned out to be completely false.

This is the most massive blunder any American President has ever made. It has cost over 100,000 Iraqi lives, over 1,550 American lives, hundreds of coalition lives, over $250 billion US taxpayer dollars, America's prestige and goodwill around the world, and our moral high ground.

And Bush will not apologize or admit the mistake.

THAT, my friend, is the main reason people hate him so much ... his combination of extreme incompetence and unwarranted arrogance. No one likes a cocky, blowhard dumba$$.

-GSmith - Reality.Hole

Anonymous said...

Dear GSmith, You are the one that don't see the world what really is. Bush has reshaped the USA for the good. Do you know really why we invaded? It wasn't for WMD or terrorism, but for us to dig in our intelligence. The intelligence people have long had trouble in the middle east and have relied on another nations to get the Intel on the Al Qaeda and another groups like that. This will allow us to better fight against Al Qaeda.

Also don't forget that it was not Bush alone that said "let's go and invade Iraq", but also the Congress. So if your going to blame Bush, you got to blame the Congress too and everyone else that works for the government. Bush was mislead by the FBI and the CIA with the Intel he was given. And who cares what happens to those Iraqi fools, let them all die. Also don't forget many more would have died by their own government. Sure, it's cost 1,550 American lives, but that's a low amount to pay for what we will get out of it. In fact more American lives would be taken away if we had not did something!