New Ad Type for Google Local

Google AdWords launched a new type of an ad for Google Local, called Local Business Ad. On Local Business Ad you'll be able to place a custom icon, a 125x125 logo and ability to display a special ad. In order to use it you are required to be listed in Google local, if you have not added your business to Google local, you can by visiting local business center.

Google plans to sell 5.3 million shares, in attempt to raise more than $2 billion dollars to finance it's plan to expand the company beyond it's search engine. This comes after the Standard & Poor’s added Google to the S&P 500. Google's market value has went up by more than 15 percent since S&P said it would add Google's stock in the blue-chip bellwether. It's thought that the shares will be sold sometime next month.

Microsoft opens a public bug database for Internet Explorer. This is the first time Microsoft has encouraged people to give feedback on Internet Explorer. They are also for the first time in a long time coming out with a new version of it's browser, Internet Explorer 7, previously they only added updates to Internet Explorer 6. This is all in response to the popularity Microsoft is loosing in the browser market.

Looksmart announced that Zeal was closed down a few days ago (March 28th). Zeal was never real popular and wasn't getting any better. It was slow at getting new web sites listed and often had web sites listed that were terrible.

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