Well, I got a car, it's a 2005 Acura TL. I have been wanting Surround Sound and XM Satellite Radio in my car for a while now, the Acura TL has all those features. I got a good deal (At least I think I did.) on the car, I only had to pay 28,000 dollars.

I decided to give Google Adsense a try and the results were not to bad. I've only been in AdSense for about six days. Since I already had a good revenue stream from my web site, I was worried about making this change. So I tried it on a few pages, web pages that don't bring in the most traffic, but enough to see how it would go. The next morning I woke up and seen that I made 30 dollars already from it, so I decided to put Adsense on the rest my web site and the next day I had already made 100 dollars.

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