I Quit My Job!

Well, I have quit my job and decided to go full time as a webmaster. Google Adsense is bringing enough money to get by each month, in fact, my web site matched the income I had made from my job a few months ago and now, I am making about 300 more dollars than that. I know Adsense is not a guaranteed income and it could drop at any day, but I saved some of the money that I made from it and would be OK if it drop for a few months. I also found a few another ways to bring in the money, so I don't have to relie on Google Adsense so much.

The nice thing about all of this, is that I won't have to work all the time and can have a life once again. I do feel a little bad about leaving my job because I didn't work for them for even two months and I am sure they won't reccomened me to any another company, so I hope I don't need a job any time soon. Because of not working anymore, I hope to have more time to post here at the blog and update it more often. Wish me luck! :)

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Lonnie Ellerbee said...

This is great news and cograts. Looks like you are on your way. Your blog is taken shape and your work will be well received.