BBC will allow web developers access to its content

The England based news company BBC will now allow web developers, webmasters and designers outside of the BBC company access to it's content so that they can add it to their own web site or program. The BBC has a large amount of articles, news, etc, which will be nice for any webmaster that has a type of web site that can use it.

Speaking of England, me, my girlfriend and friends are going to visit England for a week in June on the 17th. We are going to London, I heard it was a nice place to visit, so I guess that's where we will go. I really don't like the idea of leaving the United states, but my friend is from there and he said he would show us around. We have been planing on this for over two years, but never put a date on when to go. I like to go see the Tower of London and also visit a few American WW2 memorials, since my grandpa served in WW2 and pay respect.

I finally got a blue iPod mini and this thing is cool. I wasn't going to get it because it cost $199 and I could get a Xbox or PS2 for that price, not that I need one, I already have both of them. I checked out some of the music you can get with the iPod and was glad to see they have some of the latest music available on there, I thought they wouldn't have much though.


cedia said...

Thanks for visiting me! Sounds like you've got a fun vacation coming up. Have fun!

Kim said...

I could already do this with a RSS feed, so I don't see why their adding this too, maybe for more press?