Working on Artificial Life Robot

Me and my friend, which he graduate in computer science, have been working with a few different artificial Life robots. Our goal is to make them act more like a human when talking and moving. I thought you may be interested in messing with it and see for your self how far they have come and how real they can be and not to forget, they may become part of all of our lifes on a daily basis some day. A little scary, don't you think?

This software that we have come to know as a robot, is the next generation intelligent interactive online robot. The Artificial Life Robot's job is to have natural conversations between a human and it. The idea of Mike, the robot, is to combine our research in natural language learning and generation with some knowledge acquiring abilities and produce a program, which talks like a human and moderately intelligent.

It will learn as it talks to you, just like a baby would learn by talking with humans. Only thing is, it picks up much faster then a baby and already has data programmed into the program. It has been trained in hundreds of conversations with humans and computers through the Internet. Ask it anything you like or just talk to it and see what it says, chances are it will surprise you with the way it talks to you, as if it was a human.

Check it out by clicking the link: Artificial Life Robot

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Kim said...

That artificial Life robot is cool. It's somewhat dumb though...