Fishished my Degree in PERL

I have fishished my degree in PERL and feels great! :) It didn't take so long because when I was going to collage before, I fishished most of what was needed to get my degree in PERL and I already knew most of PERL programming. It will help if I ever decide to work at a programming job place again, which is what I was doing before I left and started as a full time webmaster.

Google announced that they will lower the price for their recently acquired Urchin On Demand, a web analytics product, a few days ago, which is great because I am interested in buying it soon and some of the readers likely use it as well. The monthly subscription to Urchin on Demand has been reduced by 60% to 199 dollars per month. Google acquired Urchin around a month ago. It was expcted that Google would cut the price down because that's what they have done with past products and services to gain more market share.


Bryan said...

Good luck with ur degree. I got my Perl dgree four years ago and have never really used it since I started my own company working on cars.

cedia said...

Perl Degree?? I didn't know they had degrees in specific programming languages?? I have a computer science degree, totally general. Wow. Congrats!