Little brother back home...

My little brother came back home from serving in the Army in Iraq yesterday. We didn't know he was coming home, but he wanted to surprise us all, so he didn't tell us. I glad to see him, he's got big and looks like he's in good shape, he no longer the tiny brother I use to know. It was probably the best thing that's happen to him, although I wish he wouldn't had to see some of the things in war.

Before enlisting in the Army he was getting into some trouble and seemed like he was never going to learn from it. Since I was in the Army and really grew up because of it, I told him he should join and see if he could learn to stay out of trouble. But I never knew he would be sent to Iraq (He joined before 9/11/2001), so I always felt bad and thought if he died it would be caused by me telling him to join. In 2003 he was sent to Iraq and mostly he was in northern Iraq, but was all over the place.

Am I the only one upset with all this blog Spam? Recently I was searching for information on England (I will be going there in a few weeks.) and couldn't find anything useful, so I went down to page four of the search results and found nothing but blogs that were spamming the search engines. There were nothing but these blogs for at least the next six web pages of the search results. Why can't Google or Yahoo! with all that money for once get it right?

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